Top Reads Of July // On the road again // Recap

by - August 11, 2017

Hey, It's Skye here and I am back from my blogging 'detour' with my Top Reads of the month! 

1. Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer
I loved this book soo much! The plot, the world-building, the characters, EVERYTHING. This is a book that needs to be added to your TBR and I will convince you even more with the review that is coming out soon.

2. The Happiness Index by Julie Israel
It seems July has thrown all the best books at my face screaming "READ THEM NOW READ THEM ALL BEFORE ITS TOO LATE" And I obliged. And I found Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index. Like Letters to the Lost, It has fantastic characters and plot and is extremely emotional so buy yourself some tissues.

3. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
Udidaslbclsv saihlcb asfuclahv Too amazing for words. I'm gonna leave now before I try to express my loaf* for this book.
*Yes loaf. DO you have a problem with loaves? If you do then get outta here boi.

4. We were Liars by E.Lockhart
When I first started this book I thought it was a bit boring and I didn't get the fuss about it. As the plot unravels it gets a lot more depth and is so heartbreaking and spoilers right here right now in white: I just don't understand why she slit her wrists before the accident and WHY ARE THE LIARS DEAD I LOAF GAT WHY IS HE DEAD WHY DID THEY START A FIRE THE EGGS I DONT WANT THEM TO DIE. 
Anyone who read that will probably not understand my nonsensical rant but it's okay, It's not you, it's me. I am the one who publishes these nonsensical rants.*
*Don't worry about me. I just have a severe case of fangirl. Wait! Don't run away! It's not contagious! I promise!

5. Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield
Let's give Mr. Westerfield a round of applause for this one. It ticks all the boxes, characters, world building, plot. TICK TICK TICK BOOM.*
*That boom was from the applause. Not a bomb.

6. The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfield
Hello, again Scott! Weren't you above with Afterworlds? I think this series deserves an even BIGGER round of applause, don't you?

7. You're Welcome, Universe by Whitney Gardner
Hey, look at that! Another box ticker that one! But honestly, Julia is a such a strong, fabulous female lead. Another book to consider on your TBR.

8. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif by Rick Riordan
It still stuns me that I haven't read Percy Jackson until now. It stuns me. It has been on my TBR for such a looonnnnnngggg time I've almost forgotten about it. That sentence actually saddens me. I FORGOT ABOUT A BOOK.

High Points of JULY
-Re-Ordering my books from Alphabetical by Author's first name to RAINBOW.
-Finishing Science Fair/Exams *phew*
-Starting Photography ELective (I FINALLY GOT A SPOT)
-The meringue I just ate (THANK YOU FRIEND)
-Karate Championships 
-Getting a new belt from above statement
-Starting sewing again

Low Points of JULY
-Blogging break
-Disappointing books 
-Not having enough chocolate

See you next time and I am so happy to be back!
PS Don't forget to go over to Abrigail Lennah's blog and take part in her blogger yearbook!

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  1. Fangirl and We Were Liars are two of my favourite books! FANGIRL THOUGH AHH CAN WE JUST AT THE LOAF <3 xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. Rainbow Rowell is just such a great author! Ive only recently got into E.Lockhart but We were liars is definitely one of my favourite books.
      x Skye
      ps: the loaf is real

    It's been a while since I managed to find your blog because I keep accidentally going to TG!
    Nice book blog!
    Check out mine... I'm having a tech issue with the comments...

    1. Hey Anael! Atleast you managed to find me in the end :)
      Thanks for all the lovely words. <3
      Hope you fix your issues,
      Skye x

  3. Hi Skye! I can't wait for your review on you first choice of top reads. Also, when I say I love Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief and the films...I LOVE IT!❤❤ I believe I've re-read the same book twice *or maybe three times* because I adore it so much and it never fails to bore me, even though I've read it three times.Anyways, I’m also commenting to say congratulations, I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award!!🎉🎊 To smoother out all the rules of the award as well as the questions you may have, check out the link below:

    Have a good day and I’m looking forward to your post!😀😊
    Ps: Have you read the book Marshmallow Skye? I'm asking because I'm interested to know whether that's how you got the name...😏

    #sweetreats xx

    1. I'm working on the award post now as well as a few others, I'm really keen to do it and it will be up ASAP. I still need to read the rest of the series. Meanwhile my TBR list just climbs higher and higher....
      x Skye
      PS No I haven't, Skye is my middle name and a nickname for me! Who's the author?, I may just need to read the book ��

    2. The name of the author is Cathy Cassidy. I thought you derived the name from her story!😅

      Ps: Can't wait to read your post!😃

      #sweetreats xx

  4. Looks like you read some really good books last month!! Ohmygosh... We Were Liars! Can we take a moment to fangirl about that.... I didn't get the fuss at the start either and then bam it all happens. So good!!!

    1. I definitely did!! I'm so glad someone shares my point, At the beginning your just like 'I don't really get why this is such a big deal and then BAM it explodes and que *major fangirl moment * :)
      X Skye

  5. Not having enough chocolate is like a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. I hope August is kinder to you in the chocolate aspect. Also ahhhhh!! SO many of my favourite books here! I loved Fangirl and We Were Liars and Letters To The Lost kind of likes to punch people in the feels. So beautiful. So heartbreaking. ❤️💔 And I need to read You're Welcome I need to read a billion books. *glares at TBR* 😂😂

    1. The ultimate crime. It should equal a lifetime in jail. I'll start a petion, Yoh share on your blog I will share on mine... 😂😂
      The feels just seem to be everywhere and in everything.
      x Skye

  6. Hi Skye!!
    I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award - all details on my blog, hope you are proud.

    1. Hey Anael!
      Thanks for the nomination, I can't promise anything but I will try and do the tag


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